Roger/Pat's maternal great great great grandfather Roger/Pat's maternal great great great grandmother

WILLIAM STEPHENS married 25 February 1804, Madron*, to JANE WATKINS

witnesses: Wm George and Nicholas Trenwith; bride and groom both resident Penzance

(Source: Cornwall Marriages, Cornwall Family History Society online at (Also Cornwall Online Parish Clerks --

*Madron is 2 miles NW of Penzance Cornwall


BORN c 1785 (based on age stated at burial) in Cornwall (fundamental basis of this is

Prob May/June 1785, in view of death certificate

POSSIBLE - NO PROOF POSSIBLE baptism is 30 Jul 1785 (see PARENTS below) Redruth St Uny, Cornwall, but there are 30-plus Cornish William Stephens baptisms in 1780s

BORN c. 1785 Cornwall

Baptised (Probably the right one -- only two Jane Watkins in whole database) 15 May 1785 St Erth, Cornwall, father Philip Watkins, mother Jane
(Source: Cornwall Marriages, Cornwall Family History Society online at


DIED Buried Dec 20 1840 Bermondsey

abode: Staple St [Source London Parish Records online at

Death certificate: Died Dec 13 1840, Staple Street, Long Lane, aged 55 years and 7 months, Tanner, cause of death -- dropsy. Jane Stephens present at the death

DIED 1842, aged 57, burial Sep 18 1842, Bermondsey
abode: Paragon Alley [Source London Parish Records online at] [off Webb St]

Death certificate: Jane Stephens, died 11 September 1842 aged 57 at 8 Paragon Place, cause of death -- Stricture of the oesophagus, widow of William Stephens, tanner. Jane Collard (daughter) present at the death.



At 1817, 1820, 1821 and 1829 baptisms: Tanner

At death 1840 – Tanner









1841 Census

Staymaker (aged "55", confirms birth 1785/1786) (living with daughter Jane, also a Staymaker aged 36,so born 1805-06) at Fendall Street, Bermondsey



Moved from Cornwall to London some time between 1821 and 1829 (or just possibly 1821 to 1837)

1837 baptism of son William: Fendall Street, Bermondsey

At death Dec 1840: Staple St, Bermondsey




1841 census: Fendall Street Bermondsey

At death: Sep 1842 Paragon Alley, Bermondsey



JANE (maternal great great grandmother) born c 1806, PROBABLY baptised 27 Apr 1806, Penzance Cornwall, mother's name not listed
Married Thomas Collard (18 Oct 1841)

??MARGARET also baptised 27 Apr 1806, Penzance, father William, mother not named
Married c1831 Thomas Gee (banns 11 Sep 1831 Margaret Stevens (sic)/Thomas Gee 11 Sep 1831, St Thomas Southwark).
1841 census: Thomas Gee ("40") baker, Margaret Gee 34 plus Thomas Gee 13, Jane 6, Margaret 4, Ester 2, Henry 3 months, Long Lane, Bermondsey.
Thomas Gee died Apr-May-Jun 1842 St Olave Southwark, 4, 320
Margaret Gee (widow) then married Jonathan Woon Hodge (widower* -- fellmonger) 17 Sep 1843 at St Mary Lambeth, residence Lambeth Walk. Margaret's father William (tanner deceased), Jonathan's father James Hodge (sailmaker deceased). [Jonathan Woon Hodge baptised 20 Oct 1799, Falmouth Cornwall father James, mother Catherine]
1851 census: 12 Bridge St Bermondsey Jonathan (aged 50, actually older -- fellmonger) born Falmouth, Margaret 45, born Penzance, son Henry (14 -- fellmonger's boy), Margaret 13 (stepdaughter, shoebinder), Esther 8 (stepdaughter)
1861 census, not found
1871 census: at 11 Alscot Road, St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Jonathan aged 72, fellmonger, born Falmouth, Cornwall; Margaret, 60, born Penzance plus Eda Stephens, niece, aged 12, born Bermondsey

Jonathan Horn (sic) Hodge died 1879 aged 79 Jul-Aug-Sep, St Olave Southwark 1d 128

*Ann Hodge aged 26, buried Jan 3 1841, of Bridge St Bermondsey. Later in 1841, in census, Jonathan Hodge (felllmonger aged "40") was living in Bridge St. Eliza Hodge aged 1 of Bridge St, buried Apr 19 1840

??FRANCES, baptised Madron, 13 May 1808, Madron, mother's name not listed

?? MARY ROBERTS (AKA MARY ANN) Stephens, born c1812 Cornwall PROBABLY a sibling of others.
Married Henry John Lord (shoemaker) . Marriage to Lord on 31 March 1838 witnessed by Charlotte Stephens and ?Jane [sig not clear] Stephens. Mary's father described as tanner.
Thomas Collard (born 1843 -- maternal great grandfather, son of Jane above) was staying with the Lords in 1851 (correctly described as nephew) and was working with Lord in Windsor in 1861 as a shoemaker.
Address of the couple at time of wedding is 14 Fendall Street. Wedding is in St Mary Newington, not Bermondsey. Mary Lord was present at death of Jane Watkins Collard on February 2 1848
1851, 17 Thomas St Newington Mr Lord is boot and shoe maker; Mary is boot binder. There is an apprentice plus Thomas Collard, nephew, a scholar
1861 at 1 Brunswick Buildings, Sheet Street, Windsor; Mr Lord is boot and shoe maker; Mary is boot binder. Thomas Collard is boot and shoemaker aged 18
Henry John Lord died Oct-Nov-Dec 1870 Wandsworth 1d 393 aged 59
1871 census: Mary Lord at High St, Putney, boot binder aged 59, born Cornwall
1881 census: Mary Lord at 1 Poplar Place, Roehampton, aged 69, occupation not clear, might be laundress born Cornwall
1891 census: Mary R Lord at 1 Poplar Place, Occup: General shop, aged 79; Mary R Stapels (sic), boarder, laundress, aged 49
1901 census: Mary Roberts Lord at 1 Poplar Place, aged 89, widow, born Penzance.
Also Mary R Staples (niece) widow aged 60 (sic, see below), laundress, domestic, born Bermondsey
Mary Roberts Lord died Jan-Feb-Mar 1903 aged 91 Wandsworth 1d 447
1911 census Mary Staples aged "76", still at 1 Poplar Place, occupation: supported by friends
Mary Staples dies Apr-May-Jun 1911, aged "73" Wandsworth 1d 255 (Mary Staples was married as Mary Roberts Stephens to Charles Staples on 10 Sep 1871. Father's name given as Jonathan Hodge Stephens, deceased, wool stapler [ie, a dealer in wool]. Theoretically he ought to be brother of Mary Roberts Lord. Mary Roberts Stephens living at 29 Alscot Road at time of marriage)

???GRACE Stephens (born c 1814 Penzance, Cornwall) Definitely a close relation and prob is a sibling of the others.
Married William Smyth (elsewhere Smith) June 21 1836 Bermondsey. Wm Stephens a witness.
Son: William Robert, born 4 April 1838, baptised Jan 20 1850 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, father's occupation Leather dresser, address Long Lane
1841 census: at Yowel's Cottages, Bermondsey, Grace aged "25"; William aged "25", a leather dresser + William aged 3
1851 census: at 30 Long Lane, Bermondsey, Grace aged 37, born Penzance; William aged 37, born Cripplegate [City of London] leather dresser + William aged 13 and Alfred aged 3 months
Grace Smith was present at death of Jane Charlotte Collard aged 6 months (daughter of Jane Watkins Collard) on 11 June 1848 at 30 Long Lane, Bermondsey

HESTER Watkins Stephens (AKA later Esther Stephens), baptised 6 March 1817, Madron, Penzance Chapelry, Cornwall, father William (tanner), mother Jane
1841 census female servant aged 24 in household of John Beart, attorney, Rockingham Row [part of New Kent Road], St Mary Newington, Lambeth
Can't find her after this.

CHARLOTTE born 1819/20 baptised 14 Jan 1820 Madron, Penzance Chapelry, Cornwall; father Willam (tanner), mother Jane, residence Town of Penryn*
Married William Herbert (tanner) 17 May 1842. St Mary Lambeth. Father William Stephens (tanner deceased) and Edward Herbert (tanner deceased). One of the witnesses is Grace Smith [née Stephens]
1851 census: 30 Long Lane, Bermondsey, William Herbert (tanner's labourer), 33, born Suffolk, B???? [might be Bures]; Charlotte Herbert, 32, born Penryn, Cornwall
Charlotte prob died 1854, aged 35 of Grange Walk, Bermondsey, buried Nunhead Cemetery, Oct 7 1854. Also her possible daughter, also Charlotte Herbert, died Nov 29 1854 aged 5 in Bermondsey Workhouse, buried St Olave, Bermondsey (We have Bermondsey, 1d97 AND 1d106, Oct-Nov-Dec 1854, so poss mother and daughter)
*Penryn is about 20 miles east of Penzance (near Falmouth) so the Stephens family are already on the move. But...

SOPHIA baptised 17 Oct 1821, father William (tanner), mother Jane, Madron (Penzance Chapelry). residence Penzance

WILLIAM Stephens, born May 15 1829, baptised June 28 1837 St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey William & Jane Fendall Street Tannner
Can't find in 1841 census
BUT MIGHT BE the one buried on 6 June 1861 aged 30. Age is a bit wrong but close. Of 55 Mint Street, Bermondsey. If so, is Apr-May-June 1861, St Olave, Southwark 1d, 87


William Stephens born c. 1809, a tanner of Page's Walk, married to Sarah, buried April 21 1844, aged 35. Prob Apr-May-Jun 1844, Bermondsey, 4, 10. Married Sarah Mills, 22 August 1830, Newington St Mary

Their known children:

WILLIAM born c1832

JOHN born May 10 1834 (baptised June 28 1837 Bermondsey). He and the other William Stephens's son, William, see above, are next to each other in the Baptism register

MARY ROBERTS STEPHENS baptised Bermondsey June 21 1835, of Pages Walk

Sarah remarried, to John Dodd, leather dresser, 26 Feb 1846, St Mary Newington.

In 1851 census, John Dodd, Journeyman Leather dressser, born c.1813 Darlington Durham, 16 Willow Walk, Bermondsey. Sarah born St Georges, Surrey (=Bermondsey) born c.1811.
John Dodd aged 3 born St Georges
Also Willliam Stevens (sic) unmarried son in law (sic) born 1832 St Georges, Journeyman Fellmonger and Mary Stevens (sic) daughter in law (sic) born c. 1836 (aged 15), St Georges, laundress.
Sarah Dodd buried May 16 1852, aged 41, Bermondsey (Bermondsey Apr-May-Jun 1852, 1d 66)







???Poss Thomas Stephens/Ann née ????

Possibly Thomas Stephens married Anne Dawe, Redruth 18 Dec 1784

????Possibly Anne Dawe baptised 5 Jun 1763, Breage. Father Anthony, mother Jane

????Possibly Anthony Dawe (mason) married Jane Vivian, Breage 23 Nov 1754:
other children--
bapt 24 Sep 1758 Jane, Breage
bapt 27 May 1765 Richard, Breage







Philip Watkins/Jane Watkins née Williams

married 24 Nov 1782, Feock, Cornwall. NB:
Groom's residence given as St Erth [which is 6 miles NE of Penzance]

Philip Watkins died Penzance burial Penzance St Mary (Madron Chapelry) 15 May 1825 aged 64, so born c.1761

Jane Watkins died Penzance burial Penzance St Mary (Madron Chapelry) 22 July 1832 aged 69, so born c.1763