Roger/Pat's maternal great great grandfather Roger/Pat's maternal great great grandmother

m. 18 October 1841
to Jane WATKINS [aka Jane Watkins Stephens]
Parish Church of St Mary, Newington (Newington 4 326)
Witnesses: Robbert [sic] Indecipherable and Esther Stephens [Jane's sister]

Note: Pre-1837 BMD data from parish record transcripts at Somerset Online Parish

Pre 1837 BMD data for Stephens from Cornwall Marriages, Cornwall Family History Society online at (Also Cornwall Online Parish Clerks --

Thomas Colllard remarried 1849:
To Nancy Bigg née Farrin, June 24 1849, St James, Bermondsey. Both resident at William Street. Cannot find Nancy in the records beyond this marriage.
Nancy Farrin was born 16 March 1805 (baptised April 24) St John, Horsely Down (father William, a lighterman; mother Elizabeth)
Nancy had married Jeremiah Bigg, a fruit merchant, at St Martin in the Fields in 1835, but living in St Olave, Bermondsey (Marble Court) in 1841. Jeremiah Bigg died in 1844.

BORN 1806 (probably) at Wiveliscombe. Somerset
(Baptised 17 July 1806)

BORN 1805/06? Cornwall (Penzance?) baptised (as Jane Stephens) 27 April 1806 Penzance Cornwall.

Died 27 May 1851 in Bermondsey Workhouse, aged 45, tanner. Death certificate: Cause of death: "Consumption 2 years" Informant Elisabeth Chesney, present at the death

Buried May 30 1851 Bermondsey, aged 45, died in Bermondsey Workhouse

February 2 1848 aged 43 of phthisis [=tubercolosis] at 16 Charles Street, St John's Southwark = Bermondsey "Wife of Thomas Collard a Tannner" Informant: Mary Lord, present at death.

Buried February 9 1848, Bermondsey, as Jane Watkins Collard, abode St John's

(For Mary Lord see Stephens page and Thomas Collard 1843-1923 page)



Have not found him in 1841 census

At marriage (18 Oct 1841): Tanner

At death of wife Jane Watkins Collard 2 Feb 1848 – Tanner

At death of daughter Jane Charlottte, 11 June 1848 (see below): Tanner

At marriage to Namcy Bigg 1849: Tanner

1851 census (30 March) in Bermondsey Workhouse
Pauper [but] Tanner

At death 27 May 1851 in Bermondsey Workhouse: Tanner

At marriage of son Thomas (1867): Tanner [does not say deceased on cert but he was]





1841 Census 6/7 June (when staying with mother in Fendall St, Bermondsey) Staymaker



Have not found in 1841 census

At marriage 1841: Great George St, Bermondsey

At birth of Thomas 13 March 1843: 8 Paragon Place, Bermondsey

July 1843 At baptism of Thomas b 1843: Fendall St

At baptism of Charles Dec 1845: New St

On death of Jane Collard daughter 1848, address not known but Jane junior died at 30 Long Lane Bermondsey with her aunt, Grace Smith, née Stephens, present

At marriage to Nancy Bigg: William Street, Bermondsey

1851 (30 March) census and at death (27 May 1851): In Bermondsey Workhouse Pauper/Tanner aged 45






1841 census Fendall St Bermondsey

At marriage October 1841 Great George St,

At birth of Thomas 13 March 1843: 8 Paragon Place, Bermondsey

At baptism of Thomas b 1843: Fendall St

At baptism of Charles Dec 1845: New St

At death 1848: 16 Charles St Bermondsey







Baptism: THOMAS Collard (great grandfather) 2 July 1843 St Mary Magdalene Bermondsey

Born 8 Paragon Place Bermondsey 13 March 1843. Birth certificate says Mother Sarah Collard (formerly Stephens) must be Jane? Must be a mistake or another name she uses (poss because her mother is also Jane and was alive until Sept 1842). At Thomas's baptism on 2 July 1843 mother's name given as Jane


Christening: CHARLES Collard 25 Dec 1844 St Mary Magdalene, mother's name given as Jane Watkins Collard; prob Dec Q 1844 (Bermondsey 1837-69) London Surrey 4, 32, mother's maiden name given as Stephens)

Possible/probable death [aged about 18 months] Bermondsey 1846 Jul-Aug-Sep 4, 22

JAMES Collard Born Jan-Feb-March 1846, mother's maiden name Stephens (Bermondsey 4,30)

Died Oct-Nov_Dec 1851 (Bermondsey 4,33)
Buried 23 November 1851, St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, James Collard aged 7 of Star Corner, Bermondsey
Death certificate: Died in Bermondsey Workhouse 16 November 1851, aged 6 years, son of Thomas Collard (Tanner). Cause of death: Measles 2 weeks; Bronchitis, Brain affection [sic] 1 week, Elizabeth Chesney present at death.


??JANE CHARLOTTE Collard born 1848 Jan Feb Mar Bermondsey 4, 40. Birth cert not yet ordered. Her mother died soon after her birth (see above)

Died later in 1848: Death certificate: Jane Collard aged 6 months daughter of Thomas Collard Tanner died 30 Long Lane Bermondsey 11 June 1848, Grace Smith present at death, "Hooping Cough". For GRACE SMITH see William Stephens page


Thomas Collard ( born 1766? d.1839? /??Mary née Burton (born 1770? d. 1816?



William Stephens (born c. 1785, d. 1840)/Jane née Watkins born c. 1785, d. 1842)