Roger/Pat's maternal great grandfather Roger/Pat's maternal great grandmother
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Thomas COLLARD married 21 April 1867 to Lucy Ann (Annie) EASTER
St Mary Magdalene Bermondsey

witnesses William Easter (bride's father), Elizabeth Easter (either bride's grandmother or her sister)

BORN 13 March 1843 at 8 Paragon Place Bermondsey 13 March 1843
Birth certificate says Mother Sarah Collard (formerly Stephens). It must be Jane. Might be another name she uses (maybe because her mother is also Jane and was alive until Sept 1842).

But at Thomas's baptism on 2 July 1843 mother's name given as Jane,
at Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, father is tanner, address Fendall St

BORN 10 November 1845, 5 Parish Street, Bermondsey (age on censuses varies: 1901-54, 1891-48, 1881-38, 1871-25)

Died Apr-May-Jun 1923 aged 78 (wrong age but close should be 80) Camberwell 1d 671

Record at shows he died in Constance Road Institution, Camberwell (workhouse/cum hospital) on 21 Jun 1923 aged "78". Admitted 14-?9?-21 from 2 Addington Square [Addington Sq was adjacent to where FD Thomas says she lived as child (Caldew Street), so her grandfather presumably delivered to hospital by his son] Died of chronic bronchitis/cardiac failure. Buried "by friends" in Nunhead [=Nunhead Cemetery -- big South London Victorian cemetery in London SE15]

DIED 2 February 1910, 16 Mason Street, Southwark, aged 64. cause of death Bronchitis syncope. Informant T Collard, son, [= T A W Collard, see below]


1851 census: Scholar (8)

1861 census: Boot & shoe maker

1867 marriage: Boot ????

1871 census: Boot ???

1881 census: Boot laster

1891 census: Boot laster

1901 census: Boot laster

At marriage of son Alfred (1905): Boot maker

At death of wife: Boot maker (master)

1911 census: Bootmaker














1861 census: Straw bonnet maker

1871 census: Collar ironer

1881 census: Collar ironer (washing)

1891 census: None stated

1901 census: None stated


1843 baptism: Fendall Street, Bermondsey

1851 census 17 Thomas St, Newington with the Lords as below + John Saint 15 apprentice of Bethnal Green.
Thomas Street was just north of and parallel to New Kent Road near to Elephant & Castle PH. Line of Thomas Street seems to be the same as present-day Arch Street.

1861 census: 1 Brunswick Buildings, Sheet Street Windsor "New Windsor" aged 18 boot and shoe maker described as "nephew" in house of Henry J Lord (head) aged 50 boot and shoe maker (born Surrey, Lambeth) and his wife Mary Ann Lord 49 boot binder (born Cornwall, Penzance). Mary Ann Lord is a Stephens, related to (probably sister of) Jane Watkins Collard, wife of Thomas Collard's father, Thomas, see STEPHENS

1871 census:64 Lynton Street [not clear RG10/640 folio 64, page 43 Reg District St Olave Southwark, sub reg dstrict St James Bermondsey civil parish St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey eccl. parish St James.

1881 census: 32 Staple St [Borough, off Long Lane]

1891 census: 5 Devonshire House, Mardyke Street [on 1914 map, links the extant Mason St and Townsend St]

1893 electoral register 5 Devonshire House

1894 electoral register as 1893

1897 electoral register 16 Mason St

1901 census: 16 Mason Street [off Old Kent Road]

1903, 1905, 1908, 1909 1910 electoral register 16 Mason St

1911 census: 16 Mason Street [off Old Kent Road]

1913 electoral register 16 Mason St

POSSIBLE 1919 electoral register: 52 Addington Square




As husband 18711901

1861 census: 11 Crosby Row, Southwark, see Father's info


CHILDREN (as found in censuses unless otherwise noted)

THOMAS ARTHUR WILLIAM 1871 census: born 1869 (aged 1, born 1869 Bermondsey 1d 80 jul-aug-sep). Date of birth on RN service record: 12 August 1869

1881 census: aged 12 scholer (sic)

1891 not in census, was in Royal Navy

1901 not in census, was in Royal Navy.

Reached rank of Chief Petty Officer (I), see RN service record. In Royal Fleet Reserve 1909-19. Awarded Distinguished Service Medal 1916 (see also Gaz2 and Gaz3) re service in Dover Patrol

1911 census, visitor at brother Alfred at 2 Alfreton St. Is fireman, Royal Academy

Died 1934: Battersea Oct-Nov-Dec 1d 459, aged 65

HENRY 1871 census (aged 5 months): 1870 (born 1870 oct-nov-dec 1870 St Olave 1d 267). Born 7 Nov 1870 according to RN record

1881 census: aged 10 scoler (sic)

Joined Royal Navy 1 Feb 1886. Described as bootmaker. Signed for 12 years' service 7 Nov 1888 (18th birthday). Left Navy 2 Sep 1902. But in Royal Fleet Reserve 1903 to 1910 (more detail on service record)

1891 census: Royal Artillery Barracks Sheerness, ordinary seaman aged 20

1901 census "Royal Navy ships at sea and in Port" serving on HMS Pomone aged 30 (able seaman born Southwark)

In GPO appointments books December 1902 as "Unestab' [=unestablished ie not a pensionable post] labourer in Stores. In Feb 1907 appointed postman EC [=London East Central]

Married Charlotte Priggen (27) at St Chrysostom, Peckham, Apr 11 1903, both of 38 Stafford Street, Peckham. Henry aged 32, porter in Post Office. Henry's father Thomas Collard, bootmaker; Charlotte's father William Henry, bootmaker   

1911 census, Henry is postman (40), GPO Parcel Office, with Charlotte (35) and daughter Vera Irene (aged 2) at 39 Wivenhoe Road Peckham

Henry death MIGHT BE aged 68, Bromley Kent Jan-Feb-March 1939 2a 1090.

ALFRED, grandfather 1881 census: aged 7 (scholer) not in 1891 census -- by then in Royal Navy

WALTER 1881 census: aged 1,Walter Ernest, born Oct-Nov-Dec 1879, St Saviour Southwark 1d 40; died Apr-May-June 1881 St Saviour Southwark 1d 21, aged 1

FREDERICK W[ILLIAM] 1891 census (aged 8 scholar) born St Saviour Southwark Jul-Aug-Sep 1882, 1d 32

1901 census Fredrik (sic) aged 18 Boot finisher
1911 census Fredrick (sic) Boot repairer (living with Dad)
Oct, Nov, Dec 1912 married Mildred F Hewett, Camberwell 1d 1661

1945, 1946, 1947 Electoral Register at 39 Wivenhoe Road Peckham (cf Henry above) with Mildred F
Frederick died Dec 1947, Camberwell 5c 191
Mildred F Collard died Dec 1952, aged "65" (so about 1887) Dartford 5b 46
Mildred's age at death MIGHT be wrong as most likely census records for 1901 and 1911 give birth date as about 1892. Born Camberwell living in Brockley with widowed mother in 1911 (is a general domestic servant).
Cyril F[rederick] Collard born April 8 1920 (Apr May Jun 1920 Camberwell 1d 1932) Mother's maiden name Hewett

LUCY E 1891 census (aged 5). Lucy Elizabeth born July-August-September1884 St Saviour 1d 44;  died Jan-Feb-Mar 1900 aged 15 St Saviour Southwark 1d 24 (slight age discrepanys but plausible, certificates would need checking)

NELLIE 1891 census: aged 3, born Oct-Nov-Dec 1887, St Saviour 1d, 36

1901 census aged 13
1911 census single with Dad aged 23 no occupation stated.
Married James John Joseph Barnard, carrier (brother of Kate Caroline, who married Alfred, above) May 11 1913, at St Johns, East Dulwich. Thomas Arthur William Collard (her brother) is witness

ALBERT 1891 census: aged 1 born Oct-Nov-Dec 1889, St Saviour 1d, 34
1901 census aged 11
1911 census Postman GPO (living with Dad -- single)
MIGHT BE the one who married Annie Ellen Brant, Croydon, Jul-Aug-Sep 1915, 2a 1145








Thomas COLLARD/Jane WATKINS [AKA Jane Watkins Stephens]