Roger/Pat's maternal great great great great great grandfather Roger/Pat's maternal great great great great great grandmother

No proof possible that these are our ancestors, but quite likely

Robert COLLARD married 17 June1721 to Jane THOMSON
St Andrews, Wiveliscombe, Somerset

Note: Pre-1837 BMD data from parish record transcripts at Somerset Online Parish

MIGHT BE baptised 28 August 1698, St Andrews, Wiveliscombe (son of Robert ("poor man" and Joane)

{but could be 22 Mar 1685 but probably that would make him too old (father John, mother Honner [sic]) John Collard married Honnor [sic] Down 22 Jan 1681 St Andrews Wiveliscombe.}


????? c. 1698?

St Andrew Wiveliscombe burials:

7 Jul 1754 (no age recorded, would be 55)

30 March 1760 ((no age recorded, would be 61)

29 November 1761 (no age recorded, would be 62)

27 Jan 1764

3 Oct 1771

29 May 1791 pauper

22 Mar 1800

11 May 1817


Burial 16 Apr 1742 "w/o [wife of] Robert"






Probable CHILDREN (dates are baptisms -- all Wiveliscombe, St Andrew's)

Jane 10 December 1721 (note in register "birth five months after marriage")
John 31 December 1722
William 5 Feb 1725 prob the one buried 16 April 1727 (burial register notes "Robert" as father)
Thomas 16 Feb 1727
Elizabeth 9 March 1729
Joseph 5 Sep 1731
William 25 March 1733 prob the one buried 30 Nov 1735 (burial register notes "Robert" as father)
Sarah 15 June 1735
William 3 July 1737 (probably maternal great great great great grandfather)

Note: only other couple with son William in this period was Nicholas and Sarah Collard; their son William married Thomasin Luttley in 1754 and they in turn were the parents of the "piano manufacturing Collards"


If 1698 baptism correct -- see above -- Robert (described as "poor man") and Joane are parents