Roger/Pat''s paternal great great great grandfather Roger/Pat's's paternal great great great grandmother

Richard Thomas married 20 October 1792 to Phillidelphia [sic, aka Philadelphia] Parsons
at Ewhurst, Sussex (Source IGI index,

BORN c. 1771-1772 (aged 69 in 1841 census) in Sussex.

Born (or baptised?) 1 September 1772 (information from Parish Registers supplied by Ruth Carter, Westfield Online Parish Clerk)

BORN c. 1769-70 (aged 70 in 1841 census, 81 in 1851 census, 93 in 1861 census), born in Beckley Sussex (1861 census -- needs Parish Register check for Beckley)

DIED 16 October 1841, Westfield, aged 70, labourer. Cause of death: debility. "Philly Thomas" present at death

DIED 15 January 1863 (aged "95", so born c. 1768). Debility. Ann Thomas (daughter in law) present at death (in Westfield)


1841 census: agricultural labourer


1841 census: none stated

1851 census: none stated

1861 census: none stated


1841 census: Weald House, Westfield, Sussex





1841 census: as husband

1851 census: aged 81, with son John and family at [Old] Workhouse. Not IN the workhouse. This is former workhouse


RICHARD private baptism 7 Feb 1793, received into Church 8 March 1793 (info, Ruth Carter)

HANNAH baptised 12 Oct 1794 (info, Ruth Carter)

HENRY baptised 13 Feb 1797 (info, Ruth Carter). In 1841 census (aged 45 -- so born c.1796) agric labourer at Spray's Bridge, Westfield (a house built in 1691), married to Eliza (aged c.40), children in house: Eliza aged 15, Hannah aged 14, William aged 7, Harriet aged 3. Also, probably (info Ruth Carter), James, baptised 28 Nov 1819, Westfield/ son of Henry and Eliza Thomas

PHILADELPHIA private baptism 29 Dec 1799, received into Church 9 Feb 1800 (info, Ruth Carter). Aged c.40 in 1841, unmarried housekeeper at Redlays Farm, Westfield. MIGHT HAVE DIED 1846

GEORGE [private baptism 4 July 1802, received into Church 8 August 1802 (info, Ruth Carter)] aged "40" in 1841, so born c. 1801; Married to Sarah, 1841 living at Moor, Westfield, children George, 13; Sarah, 10;

(1851 gives 48= c.1803). His son, also George aged 13 in 1841 and, aged 23, staying with James & Harriet Thomas in 1851, described as nephew. Also George senior has a daughter called Philladelphia [sic] and a son called James

HONOR baptised 6 Jan 1805 (info, Ruth Carter)

MARIA baptised 18 Jan 1807 (info, Ruth Carter)

CORDELIA baptised 16 July 1809 (info, Ruth Carter)

JOHN (great great grandfather) baptised 3 November 1811 (info, Ruth Carter)



Robert Thomas/Hannah Hook (might be born in Brede or Sedlescombe) -- info from Parish Register via Ruth Carter of Westfield, married Westfield, 4 November 1771


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