Pat & Roger's maternal great great grandfather Pat & Roger's maternal great great grandmother

James (aka James John) BARNARD
married March 31 1844 to Margaret [JANE] SHEEN at St John the Evangelist, Lambeth. But banns had been published at St Mary Lambeth as early as 27 November 1842. Bride's full name is Margaret Jane Sheen

witnesses: ?? Watts and James Green

BORN c.1819 (Cheshunt, Hertfordshire -- 1871 census)

Born 14 March 1819, baptised April 4 1819, Cheshunt, father John (occupation house keeper), mother Mary, of Church Gate, Cheshunt [Hertfordshire Archives, via]

BORN c. 1821 or 1822 (Lambeth -- 1871 census, 1881 census). Possibly 1823 (see death age)

DIED between 1871 and 23 Sep 1877.

PROBABLY 14 December 1873, Workhouse, Princes Road, Lambeth, labourer, aged "57", bronchitis, Jane Rodgers present at the death

DIED 27 April 1884 Margaret Jane Barnard, widow of James Barnard, Carman at 11 Granby Buildings, Broad Street, Lambeth, aged 61. Cause of death: chronic bronchitis, asthma, exhaustion. E Sale, daughter (see below= Ellen), present at death



1841 census POSSIBLY/PROBABLY him (aged "20") carman

At marriage 1844: Labourer

1851 census (aged 32): Labourer town carman

At baptism of James John 1855: Carman

1861 census: Carman

1867: Possibly railway porter, see Eliza below

1871 census: Labourer

???1873 death: Labourer

In son's marriage certificate 23 Sep 1877, described as Coachman, deceased

In widow's death certificate 1884: carman


None listed in any of the censuses 1841-81



Likely????Census 1841 Tash Court, St Andrew Holborn (on Tash Street -- later and now Verulam Street) off Grays Inn Lane).

At marriage 1844: Dyer's Buildings. In Southwark near present-day Great Suffolk St (then Gravel Lane) and Ewer Street.

At baptism of Eliza/Mary Ann 1849, 43 Gravel Lane, Southwark (now Great Suffolk St)

q    At 1851 census: 6 Labour in Vain Court. Labour in Vain Court in 1790s and in 1860. Mentioned in John Strype's Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster 1720

At baptism of Emma Louisa 10 Oct 1852. 5 Spring Gardens, Lambeth

At baptism of James John 1855: Granby Buildings
(birth certificate specifies 11 Granby Buildings)

At 1861 census: 11 Granby Buildings RG9 352/146/35 reg district Lambeth, Sub Reg district Lambeth First Church

At 1871 census: 11 Granby Buildings Lambeth 



At 1841 census, (Sheehan) with father etc: Upper Fore Street (now Albert Embankment), Lambeth

At marriage 1844: As husband

1851, 181, 1871 census: as husband

1881 census: 11 Granby Buildings (listed as Mary but it is Margaret, with family of daughter Ellen and son-in-law John Sale). Also here at death 1884




ELIZA Born 6 December 1844 (St Saviour Southwark Oct-Nov-Dec 1844, 4, 514), baptised 23 April 1849, St Saviour Southwark
1851 census: 6;
Not with family in 1861 census: is in service at 83 Harley St with her aunt Caroline (daughter of John Barnard) -- employer is William Wallace, East India merchant.
PROBABLY: aged 22 (house maid) married Dennis Brien (22) bricklayer on 8 Sep 1867 at St Leonards Shoreditch. Doubts because father James Barnard described as "railway porter" -- but he might have been for a time. Evidence for this being the right marriage is that a witness is Caroline Barnard and her signature looks the same as signature witnessing marriage of Emma, see below,
Further, Eliza's birthplace given as Southwark in 1871 census (Dennis Bryan [sic] (25) labourer born Ireland; Eliza 26, at 49 Sleaford Street, Battersea plus Walter D aged 1

MARGARET JANE Apr-May-June 1847, Saint Saviour 4, 485 (also 4, 501). Not in 1851 census
Likely death Jul-Aug-Sep 1847, St Saviour Southwaark, 4,361' But according to GRO index age at death "3" -- should probably read three months. GRO index defective in this respect.

MARY ANN Born 11 Oct 1848, baptised 23 April 1849, St Saviour Southwark. (Oct, Nov, Dec 1848, Saint Saviour, 4, 529. Not in 1851 census. Likely death: Jul-Aug-Sep 1849 Saint Saviour 4, 998. GRO index gives age of death as 10; should probably read 10 months

 Jul-Aug-Sep 1850, St Saviour Southwark 4, 537
1861 census:
11 (1851: 9mo)
Married Richard William Arnold, bricklayer, 21 May 1871 at St Mary, Lambeth, Charles Hart (see also next item below) a witness

EMMA LOUISA Emma Louisa Lambeth Oct-Nov-Dec 1852, 1d, 275
Baptised 10 Oct 1852, Lambeth St Mary
1861 census: 8.
Married Charles Hart (Labourer), April 2 1871 at St George Camberwell. Emma described as a minor (which is correct) father: James Barnard, carman. Caroline Barnard a witness

JAMES JOHN[AKA JAMES] (great grandfather) born 9 Sep 1855, baptised 30 Sep 1855, St Mary Lambeth; (Oct-Nov-Dec 1855 Lambeth 1d 266); not in 1861 census with rest of family; 1871 census (aged 15) errand boy. Married Annie Sale, 23 Sept 1877, see separate sheet

ANNIE MARIA Oct-Nov-Dec 1857 Lambeth 1d, 275 Must be a twin of Ellen Sarah below. Cannot find a death record, but not in 1861 census


 born Lambeth, Oct-Nov-Dec 1857 1d, 275
1861 census:
aged 3.
In 1871 census: is with George Sheen and his wife Susannah. Aged 13, servant, described as niece. George must be Margaret Sheen's brother. Jordan Cottage, Nine Elms, Battersea. George is foreman at a whiting works and born about 1831 Lambeth, Surrey (see Sheen page for 1841 census). Susannah born in Boughton, Kent. George married Susannah Emma nee De Froud in 1854 Lambeth 1d 433. Margaret Barnard (ie his sister) is one of the witnesses at his wedding on May 1
Ellen is a witness at marriage of her brother James John Barnard to Annie Sale in 1877 as was Annie's brother J [ohn] Sale. In Oct-Nov-Dec 1877 Ellen herself marries John Sale (but name is given as Sarah Helen Barnard) Lambeth 1d 587 (28 Oct 1877, Saint Philip Lambeth aged 20/John Sale 23 correct parents). John & Ellen Sale living at 11 Granbys Buildings with "Mary"= Margaret Barnard at 1881 census

CHARLES [CHARLES JOHN]  registered as CHARLES JOHN OCKFORD BARNARD, Jan-Feb-Mar 1860, Lambeth, 1d 317. 1861 census: 1; witness at Ellen's wedding 1877; bootmaker in 1881 (at 11 Granby Buildings). Married Harriet Swallow at St Philip Lambeth, May 29 1882, aged "23" J Sale is witness

GEORGE [GEORGE SAMUEL] Apr-May-Jun 1864, Lambeth, 1d 304. Baptised 26 June 1864, Lambeth St Mary. Aged 7 in 1871 census, 17 in 1881 census; a general labourer  Cannot find in 1891 census. In the 1901 census might well be the George S Barnard (36, builder's labourer, born Lambeth) at 40 Lollard Street, Lambeth, married to Rose E (24, born Ireland, Dublin) with children Charles (??might be Charles J -- entry not clear) aged 1 born Lambeth (prob Charles John Barnard, Apr-May-Jun 1899, Lambeth, 1d 389) and William G (4 months, born Ireland, Dublin)






Daniel SHEEN/SHEHAN born c. 1801 Ireland/Mary Bird