Pat/Roger's  paternal grandfather Pat/Roger's paternal grandmother

Harry [aka Henry] Cameron Thomas marr.(Christ Church, Southwark  Eliza Watkiss
19 January 1896, witnesses Edwin George Watkiss and Elizabeth Watkiss (Eliza's siblings)

BORN 28 April 1873, Hollington, Hastings, Sussex
(registered as Henry Cammeron [sic] Thomas)

BORN 1874, Lambeth Apr-May-Jun 1d 338

DIED 11 April 1947


31 August 1940, aged 67, after an air raid. Living at 75 Milton Avenue, East Ham, she is reported to have died at no 71 (Commonwealth War Graves Commission, civilian deaths WW2)


8 Nov 1888 joins Royal Navy as boy sailor (previous occupation labourer). HMS Boscawen (training ship Portland Dorset) to 20 Sep 1890. Joins cruiser HMS Garnet 21 Sep 1890, signing engagement for 12 years on 28 April 1891 (18th birthday). On 2 Oct 1891 jumps ship (R= runs) from Garnet in Vancouver. See RN service record. Not traced again till marriage in 1896).

At marriage (1896): warehouseman

1896 baptism of Harry Edwin Cameron Thomas: warehouseman

1901 census: Export packer fancy goods

1911 census: Export packer fancy goods toys



1891 census: packer



1881 census 19 Alma Villas Hastings

Not in 1891 census [in Royal Navy]

1891–???? Vancouver or elsewhere in North America

At marriage 1896: 21 Holland Street (Julia Watkiss – Eliza's mother – at this address in 1901) uses surname Thomas

At baptism of Harry Edwin 1896: 206 Guinness Buildings, Bermondsey [on Page's Walk] uses surname Thomas

1898 Electoral register: 206 Guinness Buildings, Bermondsey (listed as Harry Cameron NOT Harry Thomas -- see note on 1901 census below)

At 1901 census: 44 Gwendoline Ave, West Ham. Whole family in 1901 census is listed under the surname Cameron (so it took some finding). Has also added an E initial – Harry E Cameron – that he was not registered at birth with. My surmise is that Harry is in certain contexts hiding from the Royal Navy. Even in the 1920s seems to have been using the surname Cameron at work -- I guess once you are stuck with it... Ernest Reginald reports that when he first started work at same company (Oppenheimer) he was asked: "Why, if your father's name is Cameron, are you called Thomas?"

At 1911 census: 155 South Esk Road Forest Gate (now family name is Thomas)

1915 (death of William George): 75 Milton Avenue, East Ham



1881 census: 3 Edward Street, Christchurch Southwark (= off Blackfriars Road, Blackfriars)

1891 census: 22 Downs Buildings [near Gravel Lane, Southwark]

At 1901 census: As husband




KNOWN CHILDREN (at 1911 census, 8 children recorded as having been born, of whom 1 had died)

HARRY Edwin Cameron (born 1896, baptised Bermondsey St Mary Magdalen 20 Sep 1896) Jul-Aug-Sep 1896, St Olave 1d 213
Aged 14 in 1911 census, home but left school. Died (prob – registered as Harry E C Thomas) Jul-Aug-Sep 1943 Ilford 4a 307 aged 46

WILLIAM George (born Apr-May-Jun 1898, St Saviour Southwark 1d,3) Joined Royal navy as boy sailor in Jan 1914. Joined battleship HMS Formidable on 26 Aug 1914. At 2.30 am 1 Jan 1915 Formidable torpedoed by a German U-boat while on exercise off Lyme Regis. Will was one of nearly 600 sailors who died. His name is on Chatham Naval Memorial. RN service record here

ANNIE E O [=OLIVE] (1901 aged 1). Birth registered as Annie Elizabeth O Thomas, West Ham, Jan-Feb-Mar 1900, 4a 287

MINNIE Dorothy Cameron Jul-Aug-Sep 1901, West Ham 4a 86   

FREDERiCK Jan-Feb-Mar 1906, West Ham 4a 284

ERNEST REGINALD Jan-Feb-Mar 1909 West Ham 4a 307

MARY [=Molly] reg as Mary E Thomas Jan-Feb-Mar 1911 West Ham 4a 293

EDWARD CARSON born 5 April 1914 East Ham






William Benjamin Thomas/Elizabeth née Macklin




Edwin Watkiss/Julia Pinner