Pat and Roger's maternal great great great grandfather Pat and Roger's maternal great great great grandmother

William Goodwin married 8 January 1812 to ANN ALLAN [AKA ELIZABETH, see baptism below] at St Luke, Chelsea

(This marriage is confirmed as the right one (that is, Ann's surname is Allan) by fact that one Martha Allan in the same house as Wiiliam and Ann in 1841 census. In 1851 census Martha is a servant, living in house of George John Goodwin (William/Ann's son). She is described as George John's aunt and unmarried so she is Ann's sister)

BORN c. 1790 (aged 51 in 1841 census)
in Middlesex

BORN c. 1788 "in the county" (ie Middlesex) according to 1841 census (these ticked remarks boxes about place of birth are not always correct) BUT 1851 census (aged 53 -- so circa 1788) says Sutton, Berkshire = Sutton Courtenay (on Thames south of Abingdon, now in Oxfordshire)

DIED Oct 1 1847 Westminster St Margaret, at Parkins Cottage, bricklayer aged 57. Cause of death: Apoplexia serosa and pulmonary congestion, a few days. Present at death: G.J. Goodwin [son] of 1 Parkin Cottage, Windsor Place, Westminster
Burial, Oct 10 1847, St John the Evangelist, Smith Square, aged 57 (Westminster Archives via

DIED after 1851

MIGHT BE (VERY VERY SPECULATIVE) Ann Goodwin, buried St Martin in the Fields, Aug 4 1855, aged 69 (so born c. 1786). Of 34 Wharf Road, which I can't track down.


At all christenings of children: bricklayer

In 1818, 1819, 1820 Westminster poll books [electoral registers]: bricklayer

25 December 1838 ( on marriage of daughter Emma to William Easter): Bricklayer

1841 census: bricklayer

At death 1847: bricklayer


1841 census: laundress

1851 census: laundress


In 1818, 1819, 1820 Westminster poll books [electoral registers]: 25 Great Peter Street

1841 census: 4 Perkins Cottages [Francis Street] Westminster

1847 at death. Perkins Cottage [sic]

At christening of children
Mar 1815 New Peter St, Westminster
Jan 1817 Peter Street, Westminster
May 1819 Great Peter St, Westminster
July 1821 Great Peter St. Westminster
Aug 1826 Marlborough Place, Westminster





1841 census: as husband

1851 census: 3 Perkins Cottages, Westminster (aged 63), living with daughter Eliza and son in law (see below)


GEORGE JOHN baptised Mar 26 1815, St John the Evangelist, Westminster(=St John, Smith Square) (mother's name given as Elizabeth but father's occupation correct -- and George John is definitely a son of William/Ann.
Married Martha Fuller, daughter of Thomas Fuller (watchman) at St Luke's Chelsea, 18 November 1838. George John is bricklayer living at Artillery Terrace, Westminster; Martha is living at 4 Park Place, Lambeth.
An interesting link here with the Easters of Wooburn and Hedsor. Martha, George John's wife, was baptised in Hedsor, Bucks, on 19 Nov 1815. Her father, Thomas Fuller, is described in the baptism record of another of his children as groom to Lord Grenville [Grenville -- 1759-1834 -- was foreign secretary 1791-1801 and prime minister 1806-1807. His country estate, Dropmore House, was close to Hedsor and Burnham].

1841 census: at 3 Artillery Terrace, George J is "25" (bricklayer), Mary [sic] "25", children "G" aged 4, Eliza aged 2, Willliam 7 months. Multi-occupation house with four families.

1851 census: At 4 Parkin's Cottages, Westminster (next door to mother and sister Eliza). George John aged 36 (bricklayer -- master), Martha (35) laundress (born Bucks), George J (14), Eliza (12),Wiliam (10), Alfred (8), Thomas (5), Emma (3), Martha (10 sic ??10 months?), Martha Allan (61, "husband's aunt". servant).

1861 census: 4 Parkin's Cottages, Westminster George John (47), Martha (45 born Buckinghamshire ???Burnham???), George J (24 -- licensed beer retailer, born Middlesex, St James = St James Piccadilly), Alfred (18 -- porter, coal), Thomas (15), Emma (13), Martha (11), Edward (9), Anne (7), William (son, 5)

1871 census: at 10 Stewarts Lane, Battersea: George John (55 -- bricklayer), Martha (53), Edward (17),William (15)
George John prob died 1879 aged 63 ??Wandsworth Jan-Feb-Mar 1879, 1d, 489

1881 census: At 56 Hatfield Street, Christchurch , Southwark, George John [junior] aged 44 (waiter -- inn servant), Martha (wife 43 -- neck tie maker), Martha (mother 67, necktie maker, born Bernham (sic) Bucks + two more necktie makers aged 22 and 17, one of whom is George John Jnr's sister in law

Martha prob died 1891 aged 76 ??Wandsworth Jan-Feb-Mar 1891 1d, 398
BTW in 1891 census, GJ junior is a solicitor's clerk, still in Christchurch = Blackfriars (Nelson Square) and in 1901 he and wife are both silk neck tie makers (still in Nelson Square) GJ junior born Mayfair

EMMA (maternal great great grandmother) born 1816? baptised Jan 12 1817, St John the Evangelist, Westminster, married William Easter (maternal great great grandfather) Dec 25 1838, see separate file

ALFRED born Jan 24 1819, baptised May 31 1819, St John the Evangelist, Westminster
Prob the one buried Jul 3 1832, St John the Evangelist, aged 13, of 13 Whitsters Ground [off Great Peter Street]

ANN born March(?) 30 1821, baptised July 29, St John the Evangelist, Westminster
In 1841 census is prob the female servant (aged 20) at Court of Exchequer, Westminster
Married James Thomas (carpenter) May 14 1843 at St John the Evangelist Lambeth [Waterloo]. Both living in Peter Street. Fathers: William Goodwin bricklayer; John Thomas carpenter

ELIZA born July 30 1823, baptised Oct 26, St John the Evangelist, Westminster. In 1841 census said to be 16
Married (1) Edward Joseph Evans a widower (brush maker) April 4 1847 at St Mary's Bermondsey, both living at Church Street, Bermondsey. Edward Evans might have died Jul-Aug_Sep 1849, St Margarets Westminster, 1, 508 [I think this one is 5 months old]  OR Oct, Nov, Dec 1850, Westminster St Margaret 1, 356 [I think this one is 9 yrs old]. So died where?

Married (2) Using name Eliza Goodwin, spinster (NOT Eliza Evans, widow) married Joseph Moore (carrier) May 30 1850 at St Mary's Paddington, both living at Edgware Road. One of the witnesses is William Easter. In 1851 census Joseph (aged 20) and Eliza (laundress aged 27) are living with Ann Goodwin (widow aged 63, laundress) at 3 Perkins Cottages, Westminster -- cf 1841 address, no 4). Also in the house, described as "a visitor" is Eliza Evans, aged 3. Prob Westminster St Margaret Jul-Aug-Sep 1848, 1, 1141. She married in Clapham in 1876, aged 28 (is daughter of Eliza and late Edward Joseph)

?Married (3) Probably her: Sep 19 1859 married using name Eliza Goodwin again and describing herself as spinster to William English (bachelor, labourer) at parish church Hackney. Address of both given as London Fields. Cannot find either of them in 1861 or 1871 censuses

LUCY born June 20 1826, baptised Aug 13, St John the Evangelist, Westminster. In 1841 census aged "15". Death 1844: Westminster St Margaret, Oct-Nov-Dec 1844, 1. 382.
Buried St John the Evangelist, December 31 1844, aged 18 years. Of 4 Perkins Cottages (Westminster Archives via


No proof but a possible father

There is a William Goodwin in land tax records for 1804, 1808 1809, 1811, 1812 living at Blue Anchor Yard. First record being 1804 (when William Goodwin Junior was just 14) suggests that this MIGHT be William Junior's father. Blue Anchor Yard is right in the area of William junior's stamping grounds.

Another Willliam Goodwin buried, St John the Evangelist, Westminster, 3 Oct 1802  aged 42 born c1760 of Vine Street, Westminster (

And one buried 17 March 1800 aged 80 of Pump Court (but Pump Court is in Inner Temple)

A Thomas Goodwin married to Eliza is a bricklayer and a series of baptisms recorded but all might be a bit late if William born c1790 but not impossibly so. Maybe more likely a brother of William?

 29 Jan 1813 Westminster St Margaret Eliza d of Thomas and Eliza of Artillery Place, Westminster

Aug 28 1814 St John the Evangelist, Westminster, Caroline Emma d of Thomas and Eliza of Vine St, Westminster
26 May 1816 at Southwark Christ Church [Blackfriars, Blackfriars Road] Jane Isabella d of Thomas and Eliza of George Street [Blackfriars -- later called Dolben St)
26 July 1818 Sarah Goodwin church and address as 26 May 1816