Pat/Roger'smaternal great great grandfather Pat/Roger's maternal great great grandmother

William Easter married 25 December 1838 to Emma Goodwin

Dec Q 1838 Marylebone, London, Middlesex, vol 1 229 Trinity Church Marylebone

Witnesses: John Sawyer, Ann Easter

William remarried to Rebecca Wood* Dec 18 1878 St Andrew, Lambeth (residence 32 Surrey Row). Rebecca described as spinster but was not
Witnesses Lucy Easter (sic), James? Easter


BORN ?1819-20 (1861 census); 1818-19 (1871 census), 1818-19 (1851 census)

Baptised Wooburn, St Paul, Buckinghamshire, 21 June 1818, son of John Easter (labourer) and Elizabeth


BORN ?1813-14 (1861 census); ?1817

Westminster, Middlesex

Baptised Jan 12 1817, St John the Evangelist, Westminster

DIED aged 81, 12 December 1899, in Workhouse, Gordon Road, Peckham, formerly a coal porter, of 47 Azenby Square, Peckham. Cause of death: Chronic bronchitis. Present at death, Elizabeth Thirkell, daughter, of 47 Azenby Square [note: workhouses were often only resort for the poor for medical care]
DIED 17 July 1871 aged 53, wife of William Easter, coal merchant's labourer, at 18 Lynton Road [=Lynton Street] Bermondsey. Cause of death: chronic bronchitis, 20 years; pleurisy, 9 days. William Easter present at death.


?1838 marriage: carman (full age)

1851 census: carman (aged 33)

1861 census: Coal whipper [one who raises coal out of a ship's hold by means of a pulley -- see Mayhew on the trade]

July 1864 (marriage of son William): coal whipper

April 1867 ( on marriage of daughter Lucy Ann): Foreman to a coal merchant

August 1867 (marriage of Eliza): wharf foreman

1871 census: Coal ???

1875 baptism Walter William: coal agent

1878 remarriage Watchman

1878 baptism Arthur Henry: watchman

1881 census: Not yet found

1891 census: Wharf labourer (aged 72)





1871 census: None stated

1861 census: Dressmaker





At marriage (1838): 30 Little Albany St (near Trinity Church at south side of Regents Park)

1839 (baptism) and 1840 burial of John William: 8 Augustus Street [off Cumberland Market, now NW10]

1841 census: Cumberland St, Marylebone

1843 PROBABLY -- burial of Emma Easter, Parish St, ST JOHN Horselydown, Bermondsey

1851 census: HO 107/1559 480 75
2 Terrace Gardens, Church St, Southwark Horsleydown (= Bermondsey, near St John's church (1752) destroyed in WW2, London City Mission built on its foundation plinth)

1861 census: 11 Crosby Row, Southwark (=Borough, off Long Lane A-Z 7E 150) §RG09 325 f43 p25 Bermondsey, sub dist Leather Market enum dist 7, eccl district St Pauls

1871 census: 18 Lynton Street, Bermondsey

June 1876 baptism of Walter William 32 Surrrey Row (off Blackfriars Road)

July 1878 baptism of Arthur Henry 32 Surrey Row

Dec 1878 remarriage 32 Surrey Row Lambeth

1881 census: Can't find him, but found Rebecca and children

1890 electoral register 23 Felstead St, Hackney

1891 census: 23 Felstead Street, Hackney RG12/207 181 page 59

1897 with daughter Elizabeth at 47 Azenby Square, Peckham




As husband 1838, 1841,1851 and 1861



1881 census: 32 Homfray Street, Hackney

1891 census: As husband

1901 census: 25 Temple Road, Hackney

JOHN WILLIAM baptised 22 Dec 1839 Trinity Church, St Marylebone, buried aged 10 months St Pancras 30 August 1840

EMMA (aged 1 ) in 1841 census -- does not reappear. PROBABLY buried 25 Sep 1843, aged 2 years, St John Horselydown, Bermondsey, (abode Paris St, Bermondsey), PROB St Olave Southwark 1843 Jul-Aug-Sep 4, 296

WILLIAM 1851 (aged 7); 1861 census: aged 17, cooper, born Bermondsey. Married Eliza Avis, 24 July 1864, St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey. William is a cooper, as is Eliza's father; 1871 census, see Eliza below, now his occupation is labourer; 1881 census, 14 Knott St, Deptford (see also Elizabeth below), occupation carman. Likely death, aged 45, Oct, Nov, Dec 1888, St Olave Southwark, 1d, 130

LUCY ANN (aka LUCY ANNIE) maternal great grandmother 1851 census (aged 5); 1861 census aged 16 Straw bonnet maker, born Bermondsey, married Thomas Collard, 21 April 1867

ELIZA 1851 census (aged 3); 1861 census: aged 13 "undecipherable" maker, born Bermondsey; 4 August 1867 married Henry Barden (engine fitter) at St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, witnesses William Easter (father or brother) and Elizabeth Easter, sister. In 1871 Barden family are staying at 18 Lynton St, Bermondsey (2 children). In same house are William Easter senior with wife Emma and daughter Elizabeth and William Easter Junior with wife Eliza and four children. (Lucy Annie and Thomas Collard are down the road at No. 64.)

ELIZABETH 1851 census (aged 10 months); 1861 census: aged 10 scholar, born Bermondsey; 1871 census aged 20, born Horselydown = Bermondsey; 1881 census, living with brother William and his family in Deptford (14 Knott Street), aged 30, dressmaker; 1886, claiming to be aged 30 (actually 35) married Arthur William Thirkell (aka Thirkill), engineer, of 11 Crosby Row (see above for familiar address) at St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey. Elizabeth was then living at 32 Staple Street. Thomas Collard and Lucy Ann née Easter at this address in 1881 census. Marriage witnesses are Thomas Collard and Emma Easter, who is presumably Elizabeth's brother William's daughter; Elizabeth's niece. In 1891, Elizabeth (laundress) and Arthur (engine fitter) are living at 47 Azenby Square, Peckham. With them are William Jr's widow Eliza and five of Eliza's children. Address of William Easter when he died in 1897
1901 and 1911, Arthur and Elizabeth still alive

WALTER WILLIAM baptised June 18 1876, St Andrew Lambeth [Coin Street], that is before marriage of parents in Dec 1878.

ARTHUR HENRY baptised July 7 1878, St Andrew Lambeth, that is before marriage of parents in Dec 1878.


Lots to be added that I have on this period of William Easter's life and his children with Rebecca


John Easter March 1789–23 June 1840/Elizabeth née Bowler


William Goodwin/Ann née Allan

*Rebecca Wood was baptised in Liverpool 28 May 1848, daughter of William Wood (shipwright) and Mary living in Toxteth Park. She married Augustus Charles Claremont (engineer) 24 April 1866 in Liverpool aged c.18

POSSIBLY died June 1920, said to be 60 (but actually 72), Hackney 1b, 495 (Cannot find in 1911 census)