Pat and Roger 's paternal great great great great grandfather Pat and Roger's paternal great great great great grandmother

Henry (aka Henry William) Ayers (aka Ayres) married ???????? Grace


BORN c.1767 (died 1843 aged 76)

BORN c. 1766 (died 1816 aged 50)

Buried Highgate Cemetery of St James in the Parish of St Pancras, Dec 8 1843, aged 76, so born c. 1767 but important point is that his address is given as 19 North Street Lambeth. Occupation not stated.
Death certificate gives place of death as 19 North Street, Lambeth on 1 Dec 1843; age at death is given as 65. He is obviously same person as buried in Highgate. I am inclined to accept upward revison of his death as in burial record as this fits with wife's age and that of his daughters. Death certificate gives occupation as builder and cause of death as bronchitis. Mary Anne Ayres of 29 New Stret, Lower Marsh, Lambeth present at death. Don't know who Mary Anne was -- possibly daughter or daughter in law. No success in finding her elsewhere yet.


Grace Ayres (sic) buried St Mary Lambeth, 16 July 1816, aged 50, so born c. 1766, of High Street, Lambeth


Builder (death certificate)







Cannot find in 1841 census

At death 1843: 19 North Street, Lambeth




At death 1816: High Street, Lambeth



ELIZABETH (paternal great great great grandmother) born c. 1795 (aged 56 in 1851 census), baptised 8 June 1794, St Mary, Lambeth as Elizabeth Ayers. Married James Macklin 9 Sept 1816, St Mary Lambeth (banns read 18 Aug, 25 Aug, 1 Sep)

CAROLINE born 6 August 1796, baptised 28 September 1796, St Mary, Lambeth as Caroline Ayres. Married James Richard Gilmour 1820, St Saviour, Southwark [now Southwark Cathedral] but Caroline described as of parish of St Mary Lambeth. Witnesses include Sarah Ayres and Anne Ayres (another sister????). Unusually for this class of person marriage is by licence rather than banns. James Richard described as printer at baptism of most of their children, but in 1836 baptism is a victualler (Borough High Street). Significantly children include William Henry Gilmour and Henry Ayres Gilmour.

SARAH baptised 17 March 1799, St Mary, Lambeth as Sarah Ayres. Married Charles Larkin, 17 Oct 1821 St Mary, Lambeth. Witnesses include Charles Ayres [don't know who he is]. Marriage by licence. Charles Larkin was probably a medical student or newly qualified doctor at time of marriage. In 1841 he, Sarah and family were in Newcastle upon Tyne where Charles is general practitioner/surgeon. Sarah died there 1860 and Charles in 1879.
Charles Larkin was a well-known (in NE England) radical political activist campaigning for the 1832 Reform Act. For a biographical sketch published in 1895, see p6 onwards of:

and a photo of the memorial over his grave in Newcastle:

Larkin was also a devout Catholic and in 1828 published a pamphlet defending his faith. For text, see:

I think Charles must have been studying at St Thomas's Hospital at
London Bridge when he married Sarah Ayres in 1821. I say this because in
the marriage register his parish is given as St Thomas the Apostle. The
church of St Thomas the Apostle was actually part of the St Thomas's
Hospital buildings and the garret of the church was used as an operating
theatre, with benches from which the students could observe. St Thomas's Hospital is now in Lambeth
but the hospital's Old Operating Theatre is a museum. see:














as Caroline Ayres